New Ager-Turned-Christian Steven Bancarz Exposes Connection Between Psychedelic Drugs and Witchcraft

By Brandon Showalter, CP Reporter | Sep 26, 2017 | Excerpted from The Christian Post

A former New Ager who became a born again believer in Jesus is explaining the link between the use of psychoactive substances and the occult.

In a video released on his YouTube channel Sunday, Steven Bancarz, who shared his remarkable testimony with The Christian Post last year, unpacked the spiritual darkness tied to the use of psychedelic drugs.

“Psychedelic drugs are a Continue reading


7 Ways to Fend Off the Devil, From an Experienced Exorcist

Everything you need to know to protect yourself from demonic attack
By Wesley Baines, excerpted from


The very name causes many of us an instant jolt of panic. Personified evil is an incomprehensible thing, and what we cannot understand, we fear.

These spiritual entities are, according to Christian tradition, angels that were cast out of heaven after following their leader, Satan, in rebellion against God. Because of their transgressions, they now Continue reading

My Imaginary Friend

A Bizarre But True Story Of One Woman’s Battle With Demonic Forces.

It wasn’t long after Mom and I moved in with Grand Mother in 1999, that Daren came into my life, perhaps it was the stress of living with the old woman that made him so attractive to me.   Grand Mother was many things, cruel, obsessive, demanding, controlling, however empathetic, kind, or nurturing was concepts totally foreign to her.  In retrospect, I understand why Mom turned out the way she did, after being raised up by that old witch.

Every evening was the same; I would get home from school, go upstairs to my room Continue reading

What Is Spiritual Guidance?

Each and every day, untold numbers of Americans seek the assistance of personal trainers to guide them through their physical fitness regimen, some people hire personal chefs to prepare their meals for them, some have executive assistants that handle a substantial amount of their business affairs leaving them free to concentrate on the more important details and not to be bogged down with the ordinary and mundane.  Some people take time out of their schedule regularly to visit their dental hygienist; some retain psychological analysts as part of a “mental hygiene” regimen.  However, isn’t it ironic that few people take time to consider their spiritual hygiene, few bother to retain a personal spiritual “trainer” or have even thought about the need of a spiritual analyst?  Why is it that while so many feel it important to maintain their physical bodies, they often neglect—the spiritual body—the soul?
“Okay, I think I need a spiritual guide, who do I turn too?” Continue reading