Paranormal Research


Due to the extreme interest in Paranormal Research possibly caused by the popular cable network programs as well as various channels on You Tube and other internet based media, there has literally been an explosion in the number of groups that perform paranormal research.  It seems as if each week a new team has created a website or a Facebook® Page and is tearing around the countryside in search of the strange and unusual.

Sometimes irreverently referred to as ghost hunters or other less than appropriate terms, most of these groups attempt to use scientific methods to ascertain if a particular place or home is haunted or if the mysterious activity occurring in the home is of paranormal nature or of a more rational source.  Most have no formal training other than hands on experience, many are very serious and professional in their work, some are simply thrill seekers hoping to have a face to face close encounter with an actual phantasm, some excitedly investigate every report of activity in the hopes of capturing audio/video evidence that they can post to the internet and watch their post go viral getting millions of page views from around the world, perhaps a few have had some sort of life experience leaving with them the irresistible urge to seek out answers to questions that have plagued mankind since the dawn of time, whatever the case may be the  numbers of these groups or societies are increasing exponentially.

When paranormal activity is reported, observed and even documented, the opinions of what exactly the entity is varies greatly from group to group.  Some believe in the existence of both ghosts and demons, and some cases these investigators rely on set criteria for determining the nature of the entity.  Some believe that all activity is attributable to human spirits that have simply became stranded on this plane of existence and unable to cross over to whatever awaits on the other side and these same groups feel that demonic presence is very rare if it even ever exists.  Clergy and lay people that observe the traditional teachings and doctrine of the Abramic religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) believe that any entity that manifests its self is either demon or angel as human spirits upon death immediately go elsewhere.  And while this ministry adheres to the latter belief formula, we respect the ideas of others as we recognize that there is no absolute proof whatsoever for any of the positions listed.  When a paranormal entity exhibits traits common to what is commonly referred to as a poltergeist, we believe that it must be of demonic origin while others might for instance think that it is simply a lost and unhappy spirit that simply cannot understand its current condition.  While we respect the competing opinions of our friends who perform paranormal investigations, we in turn ask that our opinions and beliefs also be respected by our peers in like manner.

Our mission is simple—since we believe that paranormal activity in the home is attributable to demonic forces bent on harming the human inhabitants—we provide ministerial services ranging from Exorcising the entities to Christian counseling of the victims, all at no charge.

So if you are the home owner/renter that is suffering at the hands of unseen terrorists, or a paranormal investigative society needing assistance, please feel free to contact us.




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