Does Your House have One of These?

If you or a family member have experienced several of the events described below, we highly suggest you contact us or a Research Group such as Springfield Paranormal Research Society.

Objects moving around by themselves.

EX:  You’re working in the kitchen or another room in the house, you turn away for a second then return to what you doing just seconds earlier and an object has appeared that you feel certain wasn’t there previously.

Have witnessed object(s) appearing right in front of your eyes

Very Rare occurance; commonly known as an apport, an object will suddenly materialize.

Objects disappearing and found in another location

Hearing knocking, banging or pounding throughout the house or in one room.

Flying objects

Flying as if suddenly thrown or propelled, not simply falling off of a shelf or table due to natural occurring vibrations causing movement.

Knocks at the door but no one is there

Religious articles disappear or are destroyed

Religious Icons suddenly fall or move, prints of Jesus or bible verses suddenly are found to have discolored.

Growling sounds but the source cannot be located

Scratching sounds heard without an obvious source

Have witness electrical appliances going on and off

Televisions, Radios, Stereos, Lights, etcetera, turn on or off without any human interference, seemingly by themselves.  Sometimes this can be at a specific time of day, an appliance turning on or off just as an alarm clock might go off at a preset time.

Spontaneous fires

Spontaneous combustion is very very rare, however there have been confirmed reports in which the phenomena has occurred.

Animals becoming spooked

Do your pets often growl or act fearful of something you cannot see {Animals see into spectrums of light or energy our eye’s do not, such as the infrared spectrum; for example.}  Or does your pet seem to watch something that you cannot see move about the room, for example your dog is attentively watching something and moving its head as following the entity as it moves across the animal’s field of view.

Outbreak of paranormal activity when talking about God or religion

Strange unexplained sounds or noises occur during prayer or bible study/discussion, sudden air movement like a breeze or wind moves through room.

Glass breaking for no reason

Sounds of glass breaking

Sudden temperature changes, up and down

A feeling of being watched when alone

Hearing voices

Your name being called out only to find that no one is around

You feel a sensation of wind blowing even with the windows closed

Physical attacks such as punching, scratching, biting, hair pulling, sexual
assaults, etc.

Sudden foul odors

Sudden strange smells you normally shouldn’t sense. These scents can be abrupt and come from nowhere.  Sulfuric, or like a lit match, or burnt wiring when no appliance or electrical device has malfunctioned.

Other physical manifestations such as sudden nausea when entering the infected area.

[a]Sometimes there will be an overwhelming oppressive feeling – people feeling sick to their stomach while going to the infested room.  Keep in mind that this could also be electro currents causing havoc as well.

[b] Nighttime paralysis when awake & lucid {often associated with a manifestation/visitation, not naturally occurring sleep paralysis which is equally as bizarre or frightening and can also have sexual or fearful elements.}  The manifestation/visitation can be but not limited a shadowy form that seems to hover nearby in a threatening manner causing great fear.

[c] Sensation of levitation in which while you are lying prone in your bed, you feel as if you are rising upwards toward the ceiling, this sensation is more in the realm of a hallucination than a physical bodily movement, and could be more related to a metabolic disorder.

[d] Sudden uncommon changes in mood or behavior of a household member. Sometimes the fear, anger, anxiety, and other emotions that the entity holds may be passed on to the residents of the house, causing stress which results in mood and behavioral changes.

Witness(ed) levitation of object or people

Some people have reported seeing objects levitate; appear to rise up away from the floor or the surface on which the object was previously resting upon.  But this is a very rare occurrence, one that has not been documented so thoroughly as to avoid debunking by skeptics.



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