Saint Michaels Ministry is a subordinate ministry or the Archdiocese of Saint Michael, which itself is an independent Orthodox Anglo-Catholic Church.

While we respect the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox churches, and the Anglican Church we are not affiliated with any of these mainline groups but standalone along with other similar independnet Catholic jurisdictions as a church that chooses to worship in a sacramental or liturgical fashion. Just as there are Protestant groups that have left the Baptist, Assemblies, or other mainline protestant churches in order to form new jurisdictions and worship God in a manner that seems appropriate, these independent catholic churches have left the traditional “catholic” style churches.

Saint Michael’s Ministry—so named in recognition of Saint Michael, the Arch Angel who at God’s command cast Lucifer and his armies from heaven—is charged with healing, deliverance and when necessary, exorcism.

Most clergy and theologians agree that Satan and his minions cannot attack a devout Christian—those that have accepted Christ as their savior and follow in his footsteps and are strong in their faith—who are protected from demonic possession, they can be oppressed, but not possessed. Satan tries to destroy these bright and shinning lights of God’s grace and glory by tempting them—just as he tempted Christ in the desert—Satan attempts to surround them with emotions of hopelessness and fear—in order to break their resolve—and Satan can; when or if they succumb to temptation and turn away from God, take possession of these that were thought to be safe from Satan’s grasp. And certainly those that have not accepted Christ, or have rejected him, or have entered into a lifestyle of sinful or even dangerous pursuits are the most at risk for possession.

The Christian workers at Saint Michael’s Ministry are charged with the following duties:

  • To aid the oppressed; those that are immune from possession—by the grace of God—but yet have come under attack, and need fellowship, prayer, and support. Those that might not even realize that they are following a path away from Christ’s example and God’s Holy Word.
  • To warn those who are at risk; those that have not accepted Christ, or have rejected him, or have entered into a lifestyle of sinful or even dangerous pursuits and are in need of education and guidance that will help them to find safety in God and salvation.
  • To rescue those that have fallen; those that have fallen into a life of sin, and are under the oppressive influence of the principalities of evil, and guide them back to the narrow way of the Lord.
  • To help all, be all they can be; those that come our way and have ears to hear with (see Matthew11:15 & 13:15) we are to aid and support them in their spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and growth, so that they may achieve spiritual prosperity throughout their remaining days here on earth and then in heaven when they have been called to be with the Lord.
  • To recover what is God’s; by the Grace of God and by the authority of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son of God, and the Holy Sprit, recovering God’s children—his creation—through the Rite of Exorcism.

In short; we are Evangelical—evangelizing or preaching the Gospel * we are charismatic—we believe in all of the gifts of the spirit and through prayer seek to heal and comfort the distressed and oppressed * we are Spiritual Guides—just as some need a personal coach to achieve their physical training goals, we “coach” those that are in “spiritual training” so as to help them be all they can be * and we are Exorcists, ordained in the apostolic tradition, a tradition in which the authority given to his apostles by Christ has been handed down through the years through the laying on of hands.

So whether you need an attentive ear, a shoulder to cry on, a guide to teach you, a confessor, a minister, or an Exorcist, contact us using the form below. We serve those in need who live in the South West Missouri Area surrounding the Springfield/Branson region. We are a Christian ministry and never charge a fee; accepting only love donations—which are greatly appreciated—to cover our expenses.




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