The Lost Girl

A very good read

Mitch Teemley


She was the callow Catholic school senior who cried the night her boyfriend French kissed her, fearing she’d become pregnant. Five months later, now a bracingly pretty college freshman, she was wooed and plundered by her theatre professor. It was give and take–he gave her drugs and took her virginity. Two months later, she had an abortion. She spoke matter-of-factly about the earthquake that had reduced her to rubble, then never mentioned it again. She’d built a protective barrier around her heart.

I thought she was the most sophisticated creature on the planet. When she agreed to go out with me, I was certain she’d discover I was a rookie, and laugh me off. Instead, she laughed with me, and sat in a grocery cart while I pushed her around an empty parking lot. The lost girl had met the lost boy, and they’d cracked each other’s barriers.

We didn’t…

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