Nasty Grams

A dear friend of mine who is also in the ministry of God once told me that you knew you were doing your job when you started receiving “nasty grams.” By that he meant derogatory email attacking you or your message.

Immediately after my last post: More On Paranormal Investigations my wife and I celebrated Holy Mass, drove to town, ate at Fazolis, then went to the apartment of a young couple who were having paranormal issues and there performed the Rite of Exorcism of a locale. Upon returning home and checking the computer for email I found several notices from WordPress that various readers had “liked “ the post but I also found one reader had sent a couple of what my old friend had referred to as Nasty Grams. In short the reader thought it was hypocritical for me to advocate exorcism when my church was full of demonic pedophile Priests… Wait a minute. Look back at the post where in the first paragraph we see the following “And still yet among the Independent Catholic clergy—of which this author is a member…”

My apologies to all those who might have been offended, we are not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, but rather we profess to be an independent jurisdiction within the greater Independent Sacramental Movement which is a term coined to describe the various jurisdictions of religious orders that choose to worship in a sacramental or liturgical fashion but are not a part of the Roman, Eastern Orthodox, or Anglican churches even though the practices may resemble one or more of those august bodies. Most Bishops within the independent movement have vary valid lines of Apostolic Succession and even the Roman Church under Pope John Paul II recognized our Holy orders as valid but although irregular as they didn’t issue them.

Actually this is not the first time I have come under attack while “wearing the collar.” I have been accosted by otherwise sweet little old ladies demanding to know why we worship the Pope. Well even Roman Catholics do not worship the Pope, but that is beside the point. Personally I respect the pope—I even admit admiring Pope J.P. 2—as I respect other religious leaders like Billy Graham for one example.

On another note, all but one of the clients who have sought out this ministry have been Baptist, Assembly of God, or of other Protestant background, the one happened to be ex-Catholic. With that said I have to ask the rhetorical question “If we are so bad why do people seek us out instead of their own ministers?”

May the peace of the Lord be with you.


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