Spiritual Hygiene

In the book The Rite, author Matt Baglio tells the story of one Roman Catholic Priest and his journey to Rome to learn to be an Exorcist. In the book we find that at that time the course was primarily a lecture course and I assume it still is—not being Roman Catholic I have no way of knowing if there have been any changes in the course syllabus—and any practical experience Father Gary Thomas received was through observing practicing exorcists in the greater metropolitan area of Rome. While we in the west have come to believe that all exorcisms resemble the one portrayed in the movie The Exorcist, most real exorcisms take place over a long period of time. In fact the screen writers that produced the script for the movie; The Rite—the fictionalized drama based loosely upon the real experiences of Father Gary and other Priests—attempted to portray this practice of the possessed going to their Exorcist much like we in the west go to our analysts or dental hygienists.
As I mentioned in a previous post; in a perfect world the people I minister to would come to my church so that I could continue to minister to them, rather than to limit my ministry to one visit. Most report that after that one visit, their home is free of the unwanted entities for weeks, months, or in some cases years, but in most cases the things come back.
Why is this?
I keep using the analogy regarding the dental hygienist, well, most of us would not expect to never brush our teeth and only have our teeth cleaned once in a lifetime and yet never experience dental problems, we must maintain good dental hygiene or face the consequences. Simply put, if you don’t brush your teeth and take care of them you are going to have problems. In the same respect you should not expect to get through life without proper spiritual hygiene. Granted many people will get through life and never experience demonic oppression or infestations of their home, but some will. Unfortunately some people some seem to draw mosquitoes—if there is one in a hundred miles, it will “smell” the victim and fly like a rocket in their direction—while other people are not bothered as much by the little blood suckers if at all. In the same respect some seem to be immune to demonic oppression while others must be constantly vigilant.
I try to impress upon the clients I minister to that they must become proactive in their spiritual hygiene, hopefully find a home church, but at least adopt a spiritual regimen or plan of prayer.
To those who need a prayer “prescription” take time to check out the prayers listed on this blog at Prayers that Protect From Evil  or for a more exact prayer regimen check out an affiliated blog at The Monastic Order of Saint Michael
Or use our handy contact us form to get more information on a prayer regimen that will work for you. But what ever you do, we highly suggest that you become proactive in your own spiritual hygiene, get right with God, explore exactly what Christ meant by you must be born again.
Frankly in this modern era few if any of us can get through a day without some degree of sin, but the general idea is to try to rely on Christ to help you live as sin free as possible.


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