More On Paranormal Investigations

Paranormal Investigation; two words that have different meanings to various members of the Christian Clergy. When you reference Paranormal Investigation in the presence of Roman Catholic Priests or Bishops they either roll their eyes up to heaven and silently mutter a prayer or you can almost literally hear bells, whistles, and other alarms sounding off as the proverbial hackles raise; most of the Roman clergy I have had the distinct pleasure of interviewing are adamantly against any sort of Paranormal Investigations. Many Protestant Ministers also have an adverse opinion of those that indiscriminately “Ghost Hunt.” And still yet among the Independent Catholic clergy—of which this author is a member—we find a full range of opinions, from those that share the same position of their Roman and Protestant counterparts that adamantly oppose such, to the moderates that either have no opinion or tacitly approve, or those that are involved in deliverance ministry and either insist that any investigations be under the direct supervision of a minister or only give their blessings to those investigative societies that have a proven track record of a scientific approach to the investigation. This minister falls into the last category.

While I adamantly advise the curious and the would be novice investigator to avoid any confrontations with the paranormal—as I share the opinion of many ministers that those that seek out the darkness of the paranormal are playing with fire—I often work closely with a local investigative society that I have found to be objective and capable of a scientific approach in the gathering of evidence where paranormal activity is suspected. Consummate professionals, 417Paranormal Research Society  never makes outlandish grandstanding claims—at least to my knowledge—such as; “Yes you have a full fledged floating phantasm in your home!” Or even worse; “We were able to communicate with the ghost and it is just a poor lost soul unable to cross over to the other side…” But rather they—417PRS—either tell the residents of the home, “Yes your suspicions are correct, evaluation of the evidence gathered confirms paranormal activity in your home.” Or; “No, I’m sorry but we were unable to obtain evidence that confirms your fears that your house is haunted.”

I have to admit that I have never met these guys personally, but over the last few years I have collaborated with them on several investigations in that usually tell the residents that my services as an Exorcist are available regardless of the outcome of the investigation. This relationship works out good for me as usually the team rules out any logical reason for the activity in the home through their objective investigative procedures; simply put they are not typically looking for ghosts but for real world phenomena such as noisy mechanical devices (plumbing, heating, etc) or other obvious causes for the phenomena that made the residents fearful in the first place that their home was haunted.

Typically when a couple are referred to me, I meet with them for an “intake interview” at a neutral location such as a restaurant or coffee shop; nine times out of ten the location of the interview ends being McDonald’s. Early in the interview I tell the couple that we as a society do not have any scientific explanation for the paranormal, simply put there is no scientific basis for the entities harassing them to be classified as what our contemporary mythos refers to as ghosts, therefore from a scientific standpoint we do not know exactly what the entities are. I go on to explain that from a Christian standpoint all such activity is either Angelic or Demonic in nature; obviously if the entity is oppressive and not creating a presence or message that is in keeping with God’s Holy word then the entity is not from heaven but the other place… I usually also add that this is the opinion of most clergy and not one necessarily held by paranormal investigative societies including 417 PRS

Quite often the investigative team finds no evidence of paranormal activity, but likewise they fail to find—in some cases—logical sources that might have caused the events witnessed by the residents of the home; and in these cases the residents often request my ministry; simply because they are half scared out of their minds. This leaves me in the precarious situation of trying to minister to the couple (and family) on a short term basis. For example we are told that in Italy people go to their exorcist as often or more so than we in the West go to our dental hygienist; if this is indeed true one wonders how effective a single visit to a demonically infested home will be. Will it be days, months, or years before the demon returns, once again taking up residence and oppressing the unfortunate and other wise innocent—but all too human—residents?

In a perfect world the residents of the infested home would immediately start attending a church of their choice, or preferably my church so that I could continue to minister to them; but usually they give me all sorts of good reasons why they cannot attend any church. I usually quote the following scripture or explain its significance and importance in their effort to be freed of oppression:

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. (Ephesians 6:10-13 New International Version NIV)

Some rhetorically ask me: “If they refuse to help themselves why waste your time?”

In almost every single one of these cases there are children involved; at least one or more of those children are hearing anomalous voices telling them to do bad things, or in the case of small children, parents often report that the child has told them of an invisible friend. Typically invisible friends are an innocuous part of childhood; but when the entity passes on information that is beyond the child’s experience or knowledge, then we have to question who or what is the source of the information the child is receiving? As we recoil in shock at the sheer numbers of our children experiencing psychological issues, we need to seriously evaluate the situation when they report that they are in communication with something that is obviously not of their imagination. That alone should be reason enough to minister to those that choose not to avail themselves of the spiritual armor Saint Paul referred to in the before mentioned scripture; helping the children as much as we can.

If you are experiencing paranormal issues in your home, and you need to talk to someone, use the contact us form at Remember we cannot travel outside of our immediate area but sometimes just having someone to talk to helps immensely.  And if you live in the Southwest Missouri area and believe you are experiencing Paranormal issues, consider contacting 417 Paranormal Research Society for an investigation.


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